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“American Property Management has shown exactly the type of ‘management’ action I would expect from our property management company: a thoughtful, considered response with an actionable alternative that an owner can agree on or modify.”

-Owner, Seattle, Washington

Whether you own a small apartment complex with multiple units, a duplex, a condo or a single home that you rent out, you have much to gain from having an experienced professional handle the ins and outs of the management of your property. Rental property management is no easy task, but with American Property Management, Inc., you can leave your property in our hands and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our team has got you covered!

Rent Collection

Property Repairs

Tenant Selection

Lease Processing and Renewals

General Maintenance and Upkeep

Rent Collection


American Property Management maintains a fair and reasonable rent collection practice for all tenants. In most cases, payment of the rent is expected by the 1st of each month.


If, for some reason, the rent has not been timely paid, a reminder contact is made with the resident that the rent is due along with the applicable late fees.


If the rent is not then paid in full, and as permitted by law, a 3 day notice to pay or to quit the premises is prepared and served upon the resident.


Thereafter, if the rent is not paid in full, the matter shall be transferred to a law firm to commence eviction proceedings. APM stays in contact with the law firm and with his/her client throughout the legal proceedings.



Property Repairs / Maintenance Requests


All maintenance requests are directed to our office. The resident is interviewed regarding the nature of their request to determine whether the problem can be solved without professional assistance. If professional assistance is required, the proper service person/company/homeowners association representative is sent to the property. Our staff select general maintenance personnel or specialists according to the severity of the problem and as to what will be most cost-effective for the property owner.


Homeowners Associations


When applicable, residents will be provided with the condominium or neighborhood association rules for their property. We maintain working relationships with Homeowner’ Associations to facilitate repairs, maintenance, and communication of policy changes an leasing information.


Audit and Pay Bills


Invoices for service are reviewed upon receipt for correct service address, billing rate, exact work completed, etc. Once corrected, the bill is approved and paid from rents collected. Invoices for services are paid at the amount billed---we do not “up charge” an additional percentage or fee on these items.


Owner Statements


In the normal course, owner statements are prepared and mailed by the eighth day of the month for the previous month’s activity. These statements show all receipts, disbursements, and the ending balance (invoices are attached when appropriate.) At year’s end, owner profit and loss statements are prepared for tax purposes.


Negotiation with Residents


Lease issues are negotiated with the resident and, when possible, compromised or settled. Occasionally concessions to residents may be deemed necessary for the best interest of the owner of the property. When major changes or concessions are at issue, we will consult with the owner before proceeding.


Owner Consultation


For repairs, the owner is consulted for approval. Emergency repairs that could result in major property damage or liability are addressed according to the best judgment of APM. If desired, we will provide the owner with an assessment of the relative market competitiveness of their property and advise on how a property might be made more profitable.


Equal Housing Opportunity


American Property Management, Inc. adheres to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Federal Fair Housing codes and the National Association of Realtor's Code for Equal Opportunity, also with the applicable law of the State of California.

 Multiple Benefits


At American Property Management, Inc. our goal is to handle all aspects of rental property management so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on offering consistently excellent customer service and our dedicated, detail-oriented staff hold themselves to standards to serve your needs. Our rental property management services include: